Thursday, November 3, 2016

Then and Now: How Radical Feminism is Damaging Women


Irene Hervey
Myrna Loy

Heddy Lamarr

Vera Rubin

Miley Cyrus


When we look at the progress women have made over the past several decades it is undeniable that many changes have occurred, not all for the good- or even for the benefit of women. I've chosen some pictures: Then & Now. They show how we, in the name of progress, have come to view women and why.

Irene Hervey & Myrna Loy: I included them because they are beautiful, talented and classy. Young people are drawn to celebrities as role models and these two beautiful ladies would do fine, in my estimation. They didn't need shouting, angry lesbians to get attention or their rights. They did it on their own and lived life on their own terms.

Heddy Lamarr: Was said by many to be to be the most beautiful woman of her generation. But there was an incredible brain behind that beautiful face. Born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler, in Vienna, Austria, Heddy Lamarr became one of the most famous movie stars of the 1930's and 40's. She was also an electronics genius who, with her partner invented Spread Spectrum Technology. This technology manipulated radio frequencies at irregular intervals and allowed the Allies during WWII to prevent their communications from being intercepted. Like I said...not only beautiful but smart.

Vera Rubin: I doubt many know Ms. Rubin. This lovely young woman became interested in astronomy at an early age. She went on to get ther Ph.D in astrophysics and is credited with discovering Dark Matter. For other dummies like's the black stuff between stars. For centuries scientists believed space to be a vacuum, even Stephen Hawkin, who came up with the quantum mechanics of the Big Bang theory. I explained the problems with theory in another blog, but without matter, gravity just doesn't work. Ms. Rubin's work should make her a role model for any young woman, especially one interested in science. But, few people even know who she is. Once again, not only pretty, but smart.

Which brings us to Miley Cyrus, who I doubt can even spell astrophysics. She claims that her act, depicted in her photos, "empowers women." Madonna is cut out of the same cloth and perhaps I should have mentioned her first because her "act" came a decade or two before Miley (thank God I couldn't find any recent pictures). It has been reported in the news that she has offered oral sex to any man who voted for Hillary Clinton- the champion of radical feminism. Given her paucity of talent, I guess it's the most meaningful contribution she is capable of making to political discourse. What passes for the face of modern day feminism is a slew of vituperative lesbians and a parade of nasty skanks.

The problem with feminism is inherent in virtually all movements. When significant progress is made, the movement is usurped by it's worst and most radical element. The Civil Rights movement has been usurped by Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter. They are not interested in civil rights, but fame and personal gain. Under the pretense of equal right for gays, the radical members parade around in public wearing leather jockstraps, or less. How exposing themselves in front of children is supposed to garner sympathy for their cause escapes me.

Islam, "the religion of peace" has been taken over by militant terrorists. Although there are many Muslims who wish to live in peace, you never see them or hear from them. Even Christianity isn't exempt. There is the extremist Westboro Baptist Church who protest at the funerals of fallen heroes. The Catholic Church has a Marxist Pope- one of the fundamentals of Marxism is that there is no God. Vatican II formulated by John XXIII (a Freemason) and implemented by Paul VI has attempted to radicalize the Church. It has been argued that there has only been one legitimate Pope since Pius X in 1914. (John Paul I) It is radicalism that is responsible for the vast majority of today's problems.

It is not the quest for equality for women (or any other group) that is the problem. Who can legitimately argue against equal rights for anyone? The alleged disparities that exist virtually all have rational explanations. For example, men tend to get higher pay- men also tend to take the more dangerous jobs. Women such as Madonna, Miley Cyrus crave money and attention, not equal rights. What we have in the case of the women in the pictures is: Class vs. Ass! Women like Rosie O'Donnell (a failed comedian) want to accrue power, they are already equal in every meaningful sense. As long as they can maintain an environment of animosity between men and women- they have a platform from which to spew their vitriol. In every important sense, women are by far less happy than they were before the advent of feminism. Tragic!

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