Monday, November 21, 2016

A Few Random Thoughts

Black Lives Matter has damaged black people more than the KKK.

Why Hasn't Obama condemned the riots or tried to stop them?
First: He's ideologically aligned with the rioters and hoping to be able to maximize the violence for his own purposes.
Second: He has no moral authority. The rioters simply wouldn't listen. Anything Obama has accomplished has been through fiat and/or "Chicago Politics;" getting the goods on your opponents and using it against them. No one respects him; the only support he has is from corrupt people or recipients of government largesse.

Why Hillary lost.  Hillary didn't lose per se...the Left lost...Corruption lost. If you subtract the number of illegal voters (18 million) the dead (2 million) and discount ballot box stuffing (no figures available) the election was no way near as close as the final numbers indicated. The American people turned out to reject decades of governmental mismanagement by electing a political outsider.

Kneeling for the National Anthem:
When Colin (I can't spell his last name and quite frankly don't think he's worth the effort to look it up) kneeled for our National Anthem, he believed he was making a political statement. What he fails to understand, or even more disrespectful doesn't care about, is that millions have fought and died for him to have that right. He has lived a life of privilege, makes millions of dollars a year to do what he loves and is revered by thousands of children who look up to him as a role model. The people who died or returned from war maimed were never afforded the benefits that he takes for granted. Now school children across the country are kneeling as well...and they don't even know why, only that it's become the cool thing to do. They should be on their knees thanking instead the brave individuals that didn't do the cool thing and were instead, willing to put their lives on the line.

White Privilege: I keep hearing about white privilege and am confused about what it is and what it includes. Somewhere down the line, I must have missed something because nobody told me where to sign up. I don't know a lot about my family but I know that my Grandfather came from Sicily and worked in the granite quarries to earn 50 cents a day during the Depression to support his family. Does that count as white privilege? Over 65% of people (per capita) receiving government assistance are white. These figures are prior to the Obama Administration, but I doubt that they have changed that much, discounting illegal immigrants and "refugees." That must be some more of that white privilege. I was homeless for a number of years and I'd estimate that 80% of the people I encountered in shelters were white. So whatever this white privilege thing is, it's vastly overrated!

Self Esteem: Years ago I began to see articles such as: Johnny Can't Read or do Math, But He Feels Good About Himself , and I started to look into what was going on in our educational system. I read Thomas Sowell's, Inside American Education and found that our schools had pretty much stopped teaching and babun to focus on making kids feel good about themselves. The upshot is that if kids feel good about themselves, they will become curious and learn on their own. We are all witnessing the result. The protesters and rioters and all their histrionics are a product of this failure to educate. When their feelings are hurt, these overgrown infants lash out. McDonald's employees are demanding $15 per hr. because they are unaware that their jobs do not merit a higher wage. They only understand what they want, or feel that they need. A friend of mine, Dr. Tom Bertonneau, did studies on education for the Mackinaw Center, a think tank in Michigan. He interviewed executives at large corporations such as GM, Ford, EDS and many others, asking what is the biggest problem in hiring recent college grads? The overwhelming answer was that nobody can write a complete sentence, much less a coherent synopsis or paper. When I was in college, my friend's dad was an administrator with Michigan Fish & Game. He showed me an applicant's masters thesis, Zebra Mussels: Those Pesky Mollusks. He said, "You'll get a kick out of this." It read like it had been written by a 5th grader. But, I'm sure the author felt good about himself.

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  1. Great Blog. I feel the same. People have lost their minds. Makes me wonder about the next generation!