Thursday, November 3, 2016

Prelude to Tomorrow

Tomorrow I'm going to post a video that shows where the Clinton Foundation money comes from. The blog will be Who Are the Good Guys...remember Hitler was very popular right up until WWII, in fact he won Time Magazine's Man of the Year (a dubious achievement these days). He didn't become a "bad guy" until he started annexing countries. The Clinton's ties to corporate statism are troubling. They've amassed a fortune through the foundation, enough to live like royalty anywhere in the world.

As the video will reveal, they don't even try to hide their corruption. They seem to revel in it. Either they believe that they are above the law, or that we are too stupid to be paying attention. Apparently, they just don't care! It's all about the money...humanity be damned. These are criminals who, supported by other criminals, subject the citizens of third world countries to unspeakable acts- for profit! Are we next? Please watch the video and check out the blog. And let me know what you're important, I'm not...I'm just a messenger- a seeker of truth. I just want us all to be OK and sharing information is the way to ensure it. Like the Who said in a song..."I won't be fooled again." Let's avoid, "here's the new boss- same as the old boss." Time for us to be the boss. Thank you and may God Bless.

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