Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hillary's Last Best Hope: The Dumbing Down of America

With all of the obvious corruption and investigations surrounding the Clinton campaign, she still remains high in the polls. We all know that the polling data is skewed to favor Democrats, but there may be another explanation as well. Americans are stupid (with the exception of my readers of course)! What happened? When I was in college in the early 90's I did a survey similar to the one in the video. Mine was based on one done in the Ivy League where around 45% of respondents were able to answer some fairly easy civics questions correctly (How many Supreme Court Justices, name one, how many senators per state). I'm proud to say that my school was able to keep up with the Ivy League...but, the results were still troubling. I forgot to add: you only had to answer 4 out of 11 questions correctly.

Hopefully, most low information individuals will stay home from the polls. Unfortunately, they seem to make up the majority of the electorate. America spends more per student than most countries in the industrialized world with far less bang for their buck. It almost seems to be on purpose...a conspiracy of stupidity. The school I attended started as a teachers college before expanding into a university. The Education Dept. was still a very big part of the curriculum. I was in my early 40's when I went, basically the same age as the majority of the professors. My only experience with education was 3 months of Adult Ed. I won't get into my childhood except to say I was an orphan and never sent to school. I learned to read with a set of encyclopedia and read everything I could get my hands on.

Enough of my sad story, this isn't about me. Suffice to say, when entering college I was terrified- I was going up against America's best and brightest (or so I believed). Boy was I wrong! It became clear early on that 90% of people didn't belong there...and that was the faculty. What I learned was where all the loonies from the 60's disappeared to. They were enshrined in the "Ivory Towers" propagandizing America's youth. There were a few good professors but, unfortunately, they were in the minority. If the faculty doesn't teach, you can't expect students to learn. It isn't their fault- I believe that kids still enter college hungry for knowledge. They amass enormous debt getting ripped off by the biggest case of consumer fraud in American History. This is where Democratic voters come from.

What is particularly tragic is that the public, for the most part, are unaware that they are getting ripped off. Kids still enter college, after getting almost no substantive education in K-12, laboring under the illusion that they will garner marketable skills in college. It is difficult to get a meaningful education with such majors available such as Black Studies, Women's Studies and other equally meaningless offerings. Classes such as "Lesbian Dance Theory," do little to prepare students for an increasingly competitive job market. This is why students wind up in their parents basements after graduation, voting for Democrats in hope of "free shit."

Well, that's my 2 cents worth...I hope it was some help. This election and the future of America will depend on the ratio of concerned voters vs. low information failures (sorry, but that's how I see it) and how much free shit the Democrats offer. Good luck getting any of it if they win! Keep thinking and vote Trump...America needs you! This is the election that will define America's future more than any other in history...except maybe 1860. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for future blogs, please let me know. You count...not me!

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