Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The NY Times Apology: Too Little, Too Late

Has the New York Times committed journalistic suicide with it's coverage of the latest election? The hubris of the mainstream media has been evident for a long time. It's clear that they see themselves as the gods of information and have for quite some time. The apology by the Times seems less than sincere when you look at it from an honest perspective. In keeping with a tradition of disingenuous journalism, the Times, having failed to sway the election, began back peddling even before all the votes were tallied.

Spouting platitudes of a return to journalistic objectivity, one naturally wonders why an outlet of information would have to "return" to telling the truth. Isn't that the purpose of a free press in the first place. Their job is to be the watchdog that warns us of political improprieties, not create them. It's no secret that virtually every "news source" supports liberal causes. This is quite possibly why they, on the whole, enjoy a less favorable rating with the American people than Congress. Their claims that they underestimated Donald Trumps support is less than true.

If there is any truth in the claim, it's that they are so out of touch with America that it is they who should be coming to us for news, not vice versa. However, what I suspect is that they, in fact, overestimated the power of the MSM in controlling the political narrative. For that we have the alternative news sources on the internet to thank. If the Times had bothered to look they would have been able to call the election correctly...this is the result of creating news rather than reporting it.

The apology of the Times is pure cynicism, nothing more. They have no intention of changing one iota. What they are too blind to see is that in the long run it will cost them. Their apology was about one thing, money. If they lose their subscribers, they will also undoubtedly lose their advertisers. When this happens- and it will- they will go under. Given that they will go on attempting to control the political narrative, America can watch with glee as the "Grey Lady" sinks into well deserved oblivion.

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