Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cultural Marxism: The Long March to Despotism

As the assault on America's cities continue in the aftermath of the election, it is important to take a look at just who it is that is protesting and why. One look at the crowds will tell anyone that it is not mainstream Americans, but Black Lives Matter thugs, dissatisfied college students and other "millennials". Why does President-elect Trump, and presumably what he stands for, pose such a threat to these people?

To understand this, we must understand Cultural Marxism, because that's what is driving the protesters into such a frenzy. As the video points out, when Marxism failed to unite the masses before WWI, something new was necessary if Marxist theory was to succeed. Without rehashing the entire video, to succeed in implementing Marxism, a transition in which political Marxism was to be replaced with Cultural Marxism.

It began in the United States almost by accident during the Great Depression when FDR began Social Security and other state funded assistance programs replaced the existing means of helping people. Prior to the 1930's if a family needed help they went to their local church. Needless to say, during the depression, church funds became stretched pretty thin so the state stepped in. The problem is, when you get help from your church, you're getting it from your neighbors who you see frequently. This encourages everyone (except the chronically dishonest) to receive help responsibly. Conversely, when you're getting help from the government, a faceless entity, there is no incentive for responsibility. This played into the hands of the incipient Cultural Marxist movement perfectly.

In the 1960's two important things happened. First, was the counterculture movement, ushering the politics of resentment. For anyone wishing an in-depth explanation, see my blog of the same name (The Politics of Resentment). Second, and equally important was the Great Society program of LBJ which fueled the welfare state and began the breakdown of the nuclear family- all part of the Cultural Marxist revolution. For CM to succeed a rejection of existing values must occur, thus an attack on traditional values such as nationalism, patriotism, Christianity and the family. A cultural elite sprang up in academia, the arts and education that embraced "critical theory," an all out attack on everything most Americans respect and hold dear. The goal- to destroy Christian culture and with it America.

The educational system morphed from an institution that taught into a tool of indoctrinating America's youth. Critical theory attacks critical thinking, replacing it with collectivism. Cultural collectivism becomes political statism. The family is replaced by the government- the "Nanny State." One of the most tragic effects of the social welfare system has been on the nuclear black family. Prior to the 60's the black family was one the strongest social units in America. We are now witnessing the result of the Great Society...over 70% of black children born out of wedlock and an adult male population with an astronomical incarceration rate. To what end...to quote LBJ: "I'll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years." There was never any intention of helping, only in amassing a block of voters.

The goal- a socialist state. The real tragedy of all of the rioting and protesting by the Cultural Marxists is that even if they were to get what they want, it wouldn't help them one iota. There are cultural/globalist elites who stand to benefit from the efforts of the Cultural Marxist pawns. Having been weaned on the myths of the self-esteem movement these pawns (and that's all they really are) are only capable of viewing the world in terms of myopic selfishness. Thus, the histrionics of the post-election tantrums are explained. They didn't get their own way and their fragile value system is under attack so they act out- just as they have since birth.

What they don't understand is that the Cultural Marxist elites don't care a whit about them. Even more tragic is that they don't understand that the values that they fight so hard against are the very values that afford them the luxury of protesting. If Cultural Marxism was to succeed and middle-class values wiped out, all the CM pawns would have to look forward to is institutionalized misery.

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