Sunday, November 6, 2016

Good Guys, Bad Guys and Something In Between: Is Trump the Answer To America's Crisis?

There is no arguing that America is in a crisis: a much bigger one than many seem to realize. We are in the midst of a major crisis of conscience- our National conscience. It should be, by now, clear to anyone with even the most rudimentary ability to reason, that Hillary Clinton is not the answer. In fact, she is the very embodiment of the underlying problem.

I was born in the aftermath WWII (four days before Hiroshima, to be exact) in the era when we believed that hiding under school desks would keep us safe from nuclear attack. In the War things were clearer, their side wore one uniform, our's wore another. It is said that things are more complicated now- they're not, they're just less clear. We still know who the "bad guys" are, they just hide among the rest of us now. Back during the Cold War the Russians were clearly the bad guys. So to were the Communist Chinese. I fought in Vietnam and things during this time period started to become less and less clear. In Vietnam, there were civilian combatants (if such a thing can exist), they wore no uniforms yet performed military functions, often more successfully that the NVA regulars. It could be argued that this was the beginning of covert wars, although they have probably been around from the dawn of time.

There was a covert war here at home as well. War protestors, steeped in the writings of Marx, Chairman Mao, Saul Alinsky and the like, fought to undermine the values our country was founded on. I'm not trying to justify the Vietnam War- whether or not we belonged there is for another discussion. These radical protesters were not fighting against the war, but against American principles and values. Celebrities such as Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, John Lennon and many news reporters were among their ranks. Walter Cronkite announced in the 1960's that the war couldn't be won. The radicals used these celebrities to wage their against America and many of them are in positions of power today. Hillary Clinton is one of these radicals, embodying those who have mounted an unending assault on everything that has made our nation strong and good. She is the posterchild of un-American values.

Since the 1960's America has been degenerating into a cesspool of immorality. What pass for values would have made our grandparents turn away in horror. Celebrities emulating sexual acts in public, in the guise of entertainment; the out of wedlock birth rate is astronomical compared to just 50 years ago. Almost every act of perversion is deemed as acceptable- an expression of one's "personhood." The list of what's acceptable now just goes on and on. It's not that we don't know right from wrong. Moral issues have not become more complicated- the lines of acceptable behavior have become blurred from a constant barrage of graphic images (both sexual and violent) on mainstream media. Witchcraft is packaged as "just another religious choice."

Perhaps this is why the scandals and corruption surrounding the Obama administration and the Clinton candidacy seem commonplace- we've just come to expect this often criminal behavior from our leaders. The new allegations of "spirit cooking" and witchcraft surrounding Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, seem to go unnoticed in the MSM. We have to turn to alternative media sources just to get the news. If not for Wikileaks and Anonymous we probably wouldn't even know about the network of criminal activity involving the Clinton's, their foundation and any other of a number of despicable individuals associated with both- not to mention a plethora of countries with interests inimical to ours. WE are indeed in a crisis.

We have gotten so far away from what the Framers envisioned, it is doubtful that they would even recognize what we've become. Back in the 90's, a professor friend described me as a "Jeffersonian Fundamentalist." I guess that sobriquet kind of stuck. I've spent better than 25 years studying political and economical systems in terms of their utility. I'm not an ideologue- I look for what works from a rational perspective. I would like to see us go back to being a Constitutional Republic..."One Nation under God." I would like to see a system of morality that works, not everybody doing as they please. "If it feels good, then do it" doesn't work. It never has, it never will (and it's been tried). The question is: Will Donald Trump take us there?

We know for a fact that Hillary Clinton won't! I've heard people say that if she's elected, it's time to grab our guns and take to the streets. That's just what the powers that be are counting on. When Hitler was elected he had about 36% of the vote. Granted, the Germans had a somewhat different system- more than 2 parties. But, one of the first things he did to consolidate power was to confiscate guns. Simply put- no guns, no political opposition. If we are to avoid a political hegemony, Trump is our only hope- forget about a revolution. 90% of the "internet tough guys" will back down and concede. A Trump presidency may be a small step toward political liberty, bit at least it's a step in the right direction. Remember, "Rome wasn't built in a day," but it was destroyed just as gradually. It took centuries of decay from within to fall. There are many similarities with modern America (I suggest Stephan Molyneux's video "The Fall of Rome), the similarities are astounding. America is in crisis- we are at the breaking point. If Clinton is elected, our republic is lost. A vote for Trump is a vote for a continuation of the Great Democratic Experiment.

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