Thursday, November 17, 2016

Silencing Liberty: The Curse of Political Correctness

What prompted me to choose this subject is a recent post concerning the removal of quotes by Thomas Jefferson from the University of Virginia curriculum, an institution for those unaware that he founded. Political correctness, in the guise of sparing people's feelings, is a blatant attempt to accrue power by controlling the narrative. A strategy generally attributed to Dr. Josef Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, who is credited with having said: "If you tell the lie long enough, it becomes the truth." I've included some videos that illustrate how ridiculous PC has become. The last, by Skep Torr (with whom I am unfamiliar, but he makes a lot of sense) explains how this phenomenon affects whole societies.

I guess if anyone's going to criticize PC it should be an Italian. we're the least politically correct people on the planet. If you have some physical difference, we'll incorporate it into your name- hence, "Fat Tony," or "Jimmy One-Eye." When we were kids there was a gang of five or six of us that all hung out together. One of the guys, Eddie, had Cerebral Palsy so his nickname was "Eddie the Cripple." We were his friends so we could call him that, if you did we'd kick the crap out of you. That's how it works with Italians. With the PC crowd, it's like if nobody says anything, maybe they won't notice. Eddie knew he was crippled, he sucked at baseball and was always the last to get picked. In a PC world he'd get a special trophy for trying. When he grew up he got a job working for the City of Cambridge as a garbage man- that's like hitting the Lottery!

What brought about the PC revolution was the Hippy culture of the 60's which in turn gave birth to movements like the Women's movement. the Gay rights movement, etc.. Martin Luther King had been replaced by radicals such as Malcolm X and the whole protest movement had become radicalized. It's axiomatic that it is virtually impossible to get mainstream America to agree with radical ideas, it became necessary to control the dialogue if their ideas to gain acceptability. Employing tactics like Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals name calling and hysterical outbursts were employed to silence dissent. Silencing dissent is exactly what political correctness is all about.

The removal of Jefferson (because he was a slave owner is the excuse given) from UVA is just an attempt to rewrite history by controlling the narrative. If future generations are unaware of the values upon which our nation was built, for all intents and purposes they never existed. Withholding information because it might hurt someone's feelings cripples discourse, as Carlin so aptly puts it. Carlin also points out that the PC mavens have strayed from reality so far that it is barely recognizable.

I began to notice in the 70's that histrionics had become an acceptable form of political discourse. Crowds of chanting people demanding rights cluttered the political landscape. Leftovers of the Anti-Vietnam movement of the 60's demanded recognition for everything from women to trees. Now we have groups like Black Lives Matter burning and looting cities across America and if you criticize them you're labeled a "racist." They are even supported by the president. Like I observed back in the 70's, mental illness has become a foundation for public policy. The more outrageous the claims, the more attention they seem to draw. All the while these arbitrary demands by PC "administrators" are enforced by a cadre of the perpetually miserable- the perennially offended. The video I included last gives a magnificent explanation of mass psychosis as it pertains to political correctness.

It's time we all stand up and say, No More. If someone tries to force speech codes on you, call them out. Expose them for the frauds they are. It says in the Bible: "Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them." Ephesians 5:11 Through strength and solidarity lies victory.

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