Friday, October 28, 2016

Wars and Rumors of Wars

As the election nears so do suggestions of impending doom. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia has openly declared that if Hillary Clinton is elected, war will most certainly ensue. One high ranking member of the Russian Parliament has said the very same thing. Russian officials have recalled their citizens from around the world and municipalities have begun stockpiling supplies. Mr. Putin has wondered openly why the Western media have been silent on the subject. Alternative media is the only place that information is available. One must necessarily ask why? This is the obvious evidence and is readily available to anyone with an inclination to look. I would heartily recommend doing so. However, there are other indications more subtle.

The Clinton Foundation has been busy bilking citizens of the world out of billions & billions of dollars if not more. Charles Ortel, Wall Street advisor and expert is also an attorney and expert on tax exempt charities. He believes that in total the Clinton Foundation and their allies have perhaps swindled people around the world out of in excess of a trillion dollars. What does this have to do with war, you ask? The answer is fairly easy, if not simple.

In 1997, the Clintons became part of what was to be known as the Clinton-Bush Haiti Relief Fund. The name itself suggests a bi-partisan effort to aid the people of Haiti after a natural disaster...if that's what the money had been used for. All evidence indicates that it was not, implicating both the Clinton's (Democrats) and Bush's (Republicans) in a bi-partisan swindle. This "fund" morphed into the President William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Archives (whose actual archives have never been disclosed) and Foundation. Like a snake winding it's way through the grass, the PWJCPA&F morphed into the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and now with its plethora of sub-foundations is now just the Clinton Foundation. According to Mr. Ortel, none of these foundations are properly registered or have they been properly scrutinized by Federal or State agencies that oversee charities. One sub-foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative has come under criticism for purchasing cheap, ineffective aids vaccine from a disreputable Indian pharmaceutical company and distributing it to third-world countries. Of course the headlines read: Clinton Foundation Provides Affordable Aids Medicine to Third World Countries, but the truth indicates more of the matrix of deceit and corruption.

Like the arms of an octopus the associations of the Clinton Foundation stretch out throughout a veritable maze of who's who of the power elite. While Bill Clinton was president his Dept. of Justice ran an anti-trust investigation of Microsoft. Presumably, some sort of settlement was reached. What is important, is that when Microsoft was being investigated in Europe, Bill Clinton interceded on their behalf. Wonder why? So do I! The Foundation managed by Bill and Melinda Gates is a heavy contributor to the Clinton Foundation bringing into question the legitimacy of their foundation. Gates close friend, Warren Buffet contributes heavily to the Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation is currently under indictment in India for testing dangerous and often lethal vaccines on children. The web of deceit grows larger and larger. But what does all this have to do with impending war?

All of these misdeeds are personified by the Democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary Rodham Clinton. The individuals who contribute to her foundation in what has been characterized by "pay for play" have paid plenty to get access to former Sec. of State Clinton, now as well as when she was in office. Many of these contributors represent countries with interests inimical to those of America, as well as Russia. Current U.S. President Barack Obama has denied any knowledge of HRC's private e-mail server being used for classified material. This is criminal, not only for Mrs. Clinton, but for President Obama as well. Let me make it clear that there is NO indication that the President is involved in any way with the foundation and their shady dealings. But that is not his problem.

As the noose draws tighter and tighter around Mrs. Clinton and her malefactions as Secretary of State, will he be drawn in as well? I've researched presidential pardon powers lately and find the power to be very broad. But, can a president pardon someone for a crime to which he himself is involved? And, more important, how far will he go to protect himself? He has already been proven to be a malignant narcissist- will he sacrifice his own countrymen to save face and perhaps his own skin? Much rides on the upcoming election. Not only the hopes of this nation, but its very survival may rest with Donald Trump. Mr. Trump does not wish to get into a shooting (and perhaps nuclear) war with Russia over Syria. One thing is clear...we do not need to "drain the swamp." The survival of America may very well depend on pumping the septic tank!

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