Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Politics of Social Media

I try to make this blog about issues that concern me and not about me. Although I may express my opinions (I think that's what a blog is after all) I try to make them about things that are relevant to all of us. But today I'm going to stray a bit and relate something that happened to me recently on social media that I believe should cause concern to us all.

I recently was suspended by Facebook for a post that I was supposed to have made. The problem is that the photo in question is one that I haven't used as a meme for a good six months. This picture is saved on my computer and not saved anywhere on Facebook, in my picture albums, or anywhere else. Given that I didn't share it, either Facebook went into my pictures and retrieved it or it took them over six months to be offended by the post. I have to believe it is the former. I read frequently about people who are suspended for political posts that portray liberals in a negative light, or poke fun at groups that are championed by liberals, such as Muslims, Black Lives Matter and other trouble makers. This would indicate to me a profound liberal bias on the part of Facebook and it's "Community Standards" division.

There are also allegations made against Facebook by Conservative, or patriotic groups who say that their pages and/or posts have been removed. Conversely, pages and posts by radical Muslim groups, pro abortion groups and other similar pages are promoted.

This is not to say that all social media has such a bias. My personal experience with Twitter has been very positive and I've not heard of any such allegations made against them. Their posts seem to transcend the political spectrum and all points of view appear welcome. This is just my experience. I will post the photo that got me into trouble and leave it to you to make up your own mind regarding it's content.

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