Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A thought about Julian Assange's internet being severed: To begin with, there is very little doubt about who is responsible for severing Mr. Assange's internet connection. However, Julian Assange is not Wikileaks, he is the founder, spokesperson and ultimate arbiter of what is published. Given this fact I question the wisdom of making him angry. Wikileaks is a network of bloggers, hackers, whistleblowers, etc. dedicated to exposing corruption at all levels of government. It seems to me that all Mr. Assange has to do is instruct his people, through his lawyers, to submit all e-mails pertaining to unethical and criminal activity by the Clinton/Obama political machine-providing that the submitter is reasonably certain of veracity and authenticity. It is undeniable that Wikileaks has historically been dedicated to accuracy. With Mr. Assange out of the picture, so to speak, it seems foolhardy on the part of Democratic operatives to believe that everyone associated with Wikileaks organization will employ the same level of assiduousness in fact-checking the material. Having said that, we can believe that whatever comes out will be far more accurate than anything that comes out of the mainstream media!

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