Friday, October 21, 2016

Michelle for Prez...A Tongue-in-Cheek Look at Replacing Hillary

I keep seeing on social media about Hillary dropping out of the presidential race for health reasons, or perhaps to avoid prosecution and being replaced by Michelle Obama. Although the probability of this occurring is about as likely as being struck by a meteorite and struck by lightning simultaneously, it does present some intriguing possibilities. Particularly since the only First Lady more divisive than Mrs. Clinton is arguably Michelle Obama.

First of all, what are Michelle's qualifications? She is very adept at complaining, especially about racism. However, the race card has been played so much as late that it has become increasingly tiresome, if not downright annoying! So let's look at her one public policy initiative- the school lunch program. Let's feverently hope that a Michelle administration would have more flavor than her school lunches, which seem about as savory as sawdust!

She does have one other obvious talent: vacationing. This might actually be a blessing in disguise and could very well become the hallmark of her presidency. If only we could afford to keep her on vacation for presumably 8 years, given the trend for re-electing incumbent presidents (Bush Sr. not withstanding). Although history has not been kind to Calvin Coolidge, there is something to be said for his administrative philosophy. Coolidge believed if you leave people alone they will do fine on their own.

One other positive that might come from Michelle as president- given his affinity for the LGBT community, Barack just might prove to be an exemplary First Lady!

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