Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Teflon Queen

I can't imagine that there are very many undecided left, but if you are here are some things to consider about Hillary. Bear in mind, these are not all criminal activities, but do indicate her character (or profound lack thereof) I'll try to keep them in roughly chronological order:

~ Fired from the Watergate investigation for "Lying and being unethical"

~ While practising law in Arkansas, she got a child rapist off with time served and laughed about it in an interview. She continues to claim to be a "voice for women & children"

~ While First Lady of Arkansas she was abusive to her protection detail- not a crime certainly, but it shows her sense of entitlement and disdain for law enforcement and those whose job it was to protect her.

~ While at the Rose Law Firm she was involved in destroying 115 pages of documents pertaining to the firm's billing practices. Apparently her success here was to become the paradigm for her later activities. To quote an article in The Daily Signal: "Whether a private server room at a Chappaqua, NY home, or the back room at the White House, the moral of the story is this: The Rooms often change but Hillary's predilection for hiding documents never does."

~Insider Trading: in 1978 Hillary was allowed 10 cattle futures in the Commodities Exchange worth $12,000 (She only had $1,000) which she apparently got on credit. She made $6500 overnight and within 10 months her investment had grown to $100.000.

~Whitewater: it's not necessary to go into detail on this, it has been investigated and 15 people were successfully prosecuted on 40 different charges BUT the Teflon Queen skated.

~Travelgate: After arriving at the White House the Clintons got rid the entire Travel Office personnel, many of whom had been there for over 30 years including the manager, Billy Dale, who they charged with a crime. The reason was to replace them with some cronies from Arkansas. However, they could have just fired them, levying criminal charges was unnecessary and unduly cruel. Hillary denied any involvement, but further investigations revealed that she was not only involved but in charge.

~Filegate: The Clintons began collecting FBI background files on those around them, and about any potential enemies or threats. When subpoenaed shredding activities went on late into almost every night. Once again, investigations revealed intimate knowledge and involvement by Hillary.

~Bimbo Eruptions: President Clinton's sexual appetites were no secret and little by little women began to come forward with allegations from unwanted sexual advances, consensual sex and even rape. The champion of women's rights was in charge of discrediting, harassing and often threatening these women to keep them silent. They were portrayed as stalkers, "bimbos," and other equally insulting terms rather than the victims they were. Hillary has been quoted many times saying that the very allegation of rape or sexual impropriety must be taken seriously (except when her husband is involved).

~Mysterious Suicides: It seems that more often than not anyone who crosses the Clintons, or is privy to information regarding their misdeeds ends up dead. Several people who knew about the Mena drug operation shot themselves in the face with shotguns. One man shot himself in the back five times! (Once again, ruled a suicide). The internet is plastered with videos that have the Clinton body count as high as 120. Although this seems a bit high, there are certainly enough to raise some questions. It is necessary to point out that the Clintons are a team...much like "good cop, bad cop." Bill is the good guy, likeable, congenial easy going, etc.. Hillary plays the role of bad guy and she plays it perfectly. She is abrasive, brash, dishonest, cruel, cold and uncaring. She lacks any semblance of empathy or compassion. Hillary is an elitist and completely out of touch with average people, in fact, they make her very uncomfortable.

~Benghazi: While Secretary of State, Hillary was in charge of security at our embassies and diplomatic outposts around the world. She ignored request after request for additional security in Benghazi leading directly to the death of Amb. Chris Stevens and 4 members of his security detail, despite their pleas for help. She blamed the attack on a video depicting Muslims in a negative light. She then lied to the families of the slain heroes. Her sole objective was to oust Gadaffi, with no idea of how to fill the vacuum left by his death. This is primarily why ISIS exists.

~E-mails: It appears that Hillary was storing e-mails on an unsecured server (Between 33,000 and 55,000) for a number of months causing an egregious lapse in national security. In covering up her malfeasances she violated a number of laws. Her response was basically, "whoops," I guess mistakes were made. The cover-up includes the head of the FBI and the mainstream media, all of whom are complicit in her misdeeds. Other e-mails show Hillary to be a vicious racist calling young black men predators. She even refers to Democratic voters as "stupid."

~The Clinton Foundation: It has become evident, due to the diligence of Wikileaks and other alternative media sources, that the foundation has been receiving donations from countries whose interests do not coincide with ours. Recently it has been disclosed that Algeria (who has for years been on the terrorist watchlist) donated heavily and the foundation and lo and behold, they are no longer on the list. "Pay for play" seems to be the order of the day with the Clintons. Clinton campaign manager, John Podesta, was instrumental in the State Dept. releasing 20% of our uranium deposits to a Russian company (who also contributed heavily). The foundation raised over $30 billion for Haitian relief after the earthquake, they actually received about 5.7%.

Almost every day more and more examples of Hillary's unfitness to preside over the greatest nation on Earth come forward. Yet people (not many, I think) still support her. I ask myself, what kind of person would vote for someone like her? They must hate America, hate themselves, or be nearly comatose. Women say they will vote for her because she is a woman. Jill Stein is a woman and I wouldn't be too terribly upset if she won. I disagree with her on many points, but I respect her and she's honest. If I were Hillary Clinton, I couldn't look another human being in the face, much less run for public office. I would also drop out of the race if I knew my only constituents were terrorists, corrupt journalists & officials, illegal immigrants and the dead!

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