Sunday, October 30, 2016

Anthony's Weiner: It's Gotta Be Big???

With revelations coming at us at breakneck speed, I'm going to try to put the reopening of the FBI investigation in some least from the perspective of a crazy conservative. The cover story is that FBI Director James Comey has decided to reopen the investigation due to e-mails uncovered during the Anthony Weiner sexting investigation. The e-mails in question are supposed to have been found on Huma Abedin's laptop (for anyone that has been on Mars or lost at sea for the last 6 months, Huma is Weiner's estranged wife and Hillary's "right hand"). Whatever could these e-mails contain?

What seems more likely is that the case against the former Sec. of State is being reopened because of something much bigger. It has been intimated on social media and alternative news sources that the 33,000 missing e-mails from Hillary's private server are NOT gone, but in the possession of hackers- particularly Anonymous. It is said that Anonymous (likely via Wikileaks) is about to release these e-mails to the public very soon. The FBI and most especially Director Comey has lost an enormous amount of credibility over their failure to prosecute Mrs. Clinton for what seem to be numerous criminal offences. The case has become so prominent that even the MSM has started paying attention. What could be so profound that it would awaken the media out of their liberal thinking induced coma?

It is doubtful that some e-mails between Huma the Mole and her pervert ex-husband would do the trick. It has to be something much larger. It is practically axiomatic that the MSM has lost most of their credibility- they enjoy an even less favorable credibility rating than congress. In order to save what little face they have left, they must stop covering up for Democrats and begin to cover news. It's pretty sad when hackers enjoy a higher favorability rating that network news. So, I believe we can assume that the "pretty big" is most likely the e-mails intercepted by Anonymous. Kinda funny though...makes me think about Edward Snowden and his leak. The NSA, who track every electronic transmission in the USA (if not the entire world) missed 33,000 transmissions but a hacker who, for all we know, might be some pimply kid that lives in his mother's basement, found them (I don't actually believe that's who Anonymous is). This does not, however, let Huma and her recently estranged Weiner off the hook.

What do we know about Huma Abedin? (Beside that fact that she is obviously attracted corrupt, ugly women and really creepy guys) Her father has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood...some say that he is the Grand Poobah, or whatever sobriquet they give their leaders. And, what do we know about our Muslim in Chief? We know that he has very strong Muslim ties and if he's not a part of the Muslim Brotherhood, his sympathies certainly lie with them. Who can forget his now famous declaration: "Should the political winds shift in an ugly direction, I stand with Islam." Perhaps the e-mails on Huma's laptop may not be as innocent as they might seem. Perhaps the 33,000 deleted will prove disastrous to him. There are likely references to Benghazi and his administration's failure to provide basic security, not to mention military support our ambassador and his security team.

Whatever comes out between now and the election- I'm hearing Nov.1, it is unlikely to sway undecided voters toward the Democrats.

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