Monday, December 19, 2016

Stealing America: The MSM's Last Ditch Effort To Silence Dissent

In the aftermath of Hillary Clinton backed lawsuits' failure to overturn the election results in four states, the Globalists have decided on a couple of new strategies. Still blaming Russian intelligence for the loss the MSM narrative is attempting to influence the Electoral College in swaying "Hamilton Electors" to change their party affiliation and vote for Hillary Clinton "for the good of the country."

What they fail to understand is that the last election was a revolution of sorts...a rejection of the Obama/Globalist worldview. This view is similarly held by the mainstream media, a global organization owned by six mega-corporations. Throughout the election the globalist elites, through their propaganda machine did everything in their power to get Clinton, a corrupt power-hungry globalist puppet elected. What this election really boiled down to was the elitist worldview vs. Donald Trump, the populist voice of the people.

Current polling shows the MSM with a less than 10% believability rating, with most people (nearly 50%) preferring to get their news from alternative news sources, mostly on social media. In their attempt to counter this, many social sites have attempted to silence dissenting voices. One of the more popular sites, Facebook, has begun fact checking so called "Fake News" by comparing information to what is being confirmed by Move and Snopes...both owned by George Soros, a globalist backer of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, hardly the voice of impartiality. What these social media outlets are doing is to affirm the same globalist agenda as the MSM.

To further attempt to sway the electors, a group of washed up actors have made a video pleading with them to change their votes. This is a last gasp effort that showcases the desperation of the globalists. This video, by Anonymous, traces the efforts of the pro-Clinton global elites in their efforts to overturn a legitimate democratic election.

What I find particularly fascinating about the video, comes when J.P. Morgan-Chase instructs their investors to seek alternative sources of news when formulating investment strategies. If you think back to the housing bubble bursting in 2008, the question arises- where was the MSM. As the movie The Big Short points out, a few shrewd hedge fund were able to spot the inconsistencies in the housing bond market...How? Because they looked, it's as simple as that. Where the experts in the MSM? There is certainly no shortage of financial wizards in the MSM, yet the only people smart enough to see what was about to happen was a couple of offbeat hedge fund managers. Everybody else was asleep at the wheel.

During the election the political wizards in the MSM were apparently asleep again. The polls consistently showed Hillary as a shoe-in candidate; or were they deliberately trying to deceive the American people? Either way, the American people won and the globalists lost. One thing is certain, they haven't given up. You can expect them to attempt to derail President Trump's efforts attempt to restore America at every turn.

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