Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pizzagate and Child Sacrifice: An Update

When I started writing about Pizzagate and especially the "killing room," people started saying "it's pedophilia, it's pedophilia." I wrote a piece about the cult of youth that pervades circles of powerful people. We live in a cult of youth in America today...everything is about living longer, looking younger. I fear that's what Pizzagate is going to turn out to be.
I wrote something about the Countess Elizabeth Bathory killing young girls and drinking their blood to keep her youthful appearance. That's what I believe is going on in the killing room at Ping Pong Pizza. The cannibals in New Guinea, eat the flesh of fallen adversaries to imbibe their warrior spirit.

It's possible that Hillary Clinton's erratic behavior could be linked to Kuru, a disease contracted through the consumption of human flesh. In the Pizzagate investigations, allegations of Satanic rituals, particularly where John Podesta and his brother, Tony are concerned. Also the art work displayed at Ping Pong Pizza is anything but wholesome. For something to be Satanic, does not necessarily require people in hooded robes burning black candles and chanting esoteric incantations. If someone, or anyone, is killing children and eating them, or drinking their blood...it's Satanic. God does not condone such behavior. Behavior is either good or bad. If it is good, it's of God. If bad, it's from Satan...It IS that simple.

Then there is the Abramovic woman and her "spirit cleansing": All of this New Age garbage is Satanic, despite it's pretenses of spiritual healing, or noble intentions. Remember, the Left is masterful at manipulating language to make heinous acts appear benign. If you think back to the movie, The Exorcist...the girl was just playing with a ouija board and summoned a demon. Her intent wasn't evil...it just happened. No such excuse can be made for those involved in Pizzagate. They are deliberately doing evil with the intention of extending their own longevity. Consuming the flesh or blood of children will, in their warped reality, keep them younger longer.
If this is correct, and it appears to be to me, it provides a framework to view what's happening in a somewhat different light. It's at least worth considering. Thank you!

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  1. What happened to the New York Police and F B I investigations regarding this sickness?