Sunday, January 1, 2017

Latest Fake News: Russians Hack Vermont's Power Grid

In response to the Washington Post's latest attack on "Russian hackers" I had to write this. As the video clearly points out, a nuclear bomb released from high enough would disable the entire U.S. power grid. They have had this capability from as early as 2008. If the Russians wanted to use this technology, they would have most likely done so, given the Obama administration's open hostility. But, the Russians aren't the enemy in this is rogue states such as North Korea and particularly Iran.

In 2013 a N. Korean ship was stopped and searched off the coast of Panama. In it were SA (Surface to Air) missiles capable of carrying a nuclear payload over central America. N. Korea may well have nuclear capability by now and the delivery system which operates from a cargo ship doesn't even have to enter U.S. waters to be a threat.

The Obama administration has given money and nuclear capability to Iran. As the next video shows, Iran will indeed use this technology when given the opportunity. The video also shows that it could have been prevented in 2010 when the House of Representatives passed a bill unanimously only to be defeated by Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Senate, in favor of a "green energy" bill. The House bill would have presented a defense for the power grid against solar flares and EMP's (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) weapons.

The Washington Post's phoney article serves only to fuel hysteria against the Russians so that Obama can attempt some 11th hour chicanery on his way out the door. Don't fall for it. If Russia wanted to hack a power grid would they really choose Vermont? Give me a break!

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